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So, once again my perspicacity about tennis has struck. Although you didn’t exactly need to be a psychic to predict that the final would be Federer vs Nadal. Anyway, it was bloody brilliant. Even if it had been straight sets to Nadal, the quality of tennis was incredible. The fact that Fed came back from 2-0 down, that Nadal still stayed in there after missing those match points in the 4th set? Pretty Damn Awesome.

A brilliant display of mental strength, physical skill and discipline. Shame about how rare it is to apply all three to an English man, woman or team.

OK, so technically there was a bit more rain spotted around in there, but otherwise I was pretty much spot on.

Still, fair play to both. Murray admitted he was out classed – and oh how he was. Nadal was pretty awesome. I really hope him and Federer make the final, should be a classic.

So, tennis, eh? What a cracking sport. I can almost bring myself to care about it a full 2 weeks a year. If you wonder where that is on the scale – below cricket, above snooker, darts and golf. You’ll notice none of those four, technically can be classed as sports (Pease is sophisting himself about cricket).

Anyway, the normal progression for Wimbledon is: pluckyneverheardofpseudoBritishwin, annoyinginsomeway(wimp/Canadian/grumpy)butultimatelynotallthatbadBritishscrapethrough, rain, pluckyneverheardofpseudoBritishloss, annoyinginsomeway(wimp/Canadian/grumpy)butultimatelynotallthatbadBritishbigwinfoolishlyraisingexpectations-ofnation, tabloidpun, rain, annoyinginsomeway(wimp/Canadian/grumpy)butultimatelynotallthatbadBritishbulldogcomebackwin, nationthatshouldknowbetterhysteria, rain, annoyinginsomeway(wimp/Canadian/grumpy)butultimatelynotallthatbadBritishlosstosimianlookinggitwhorepeatedly-executesanddespitelookinglikeafreakisbloodygood, abuseofannoyinginsomeway(wimp/Canadian/grumpy)butultimatelynotallthatbadBritishloser, acceptance, apathy.


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