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So I went to Henley Royal Regatta which was probably not quite as posh as I was expecting. There were the usual clothing rules and wotnot – blazers, slacks, shirts and ties for men, pretty straightforward. For women, hemlines had to be below the knee (and we saw some 40+ year olds being turned back for straying northwards of this boundary). I could make a joke about skirts and dresses being hiked up as soon as women got inside, but it seems in poor taste. Why this is stopping me, I’m not quite sure.

Anyway, it was an overblown excuse for a piss-up and an Oxbridge reunion. Very little rowing was watched (although what was seemed to be quite competitive) and Pimms was consumed in vast, over-priced quantities. All-in-all it was probably the most middle-class and English experience of my life (which takes in an incredible array of middle-class Englishness).

Oh yeah, best part of the day (apart from the title of this post which is a genuine quote) – in the gents (temporary) loos they had a white board with sports updates and newspapers that you could take to read while on the throne. Outstanding.

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July 2022
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