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Ahead of the difficult second snowboarding trip that’s coming up, I ordered a nice shiny new ski jacket from Snow+Rock. Everything went fine and dandy and I awaited delivery. Of the card saying they’d missed me and would try again the next day. No card the next day, nor for three more working days. So I ‘phoned up Snow+Rock to get the Parcelforce tracker number. Perfectly helpful people, they provided it for me and so I began my odyssey.

I tracked the parcel on their website which claimed they’d tried to redeliver it twice more (without leaving any trace of this). Fortunately, there’s a phone number you can call to arrange further redelivery – either at home, or to a new address (£5 surcharge) or to a local post office (50p charge). Figuring they’d only try and redeliver it when I wasn’t there again, I guessed the local post office option would be best and dialled them up.

Parcelforce’s phone system is all menus and voice recognition. Some of the voice recognition works pretty well – it got the 4-letter/10-digit tracker number straightaway, although struggled a bit on post codes and addresses. Still, everything went well, delivery was booked and I waited for a few days before popping down to the post office. No parcel. A few days more? No parcel. And again… no parcel.

Right-o, this time I’ll just use the web-site and rebook it directly there. Everything goes through smoothly and it gives me a delivery date to the post office… which comes, goes and no parcel. Few days more… no parcel.

This time I try the phone again thinking that at least I’ll speak to some one and get it sorted. None of the menus have any option to talk to an operator. They other just repeat to infinity or direct you to the website. Brilliant.

Next time I’m just going to get it from the shop.

Anyway, with this sort of frustration I did what I always do and splurge on some music from HMV. So I recommend to you:

BSPBritish Sea Power – Do You Like Rock Music

AMcAmy McDonald – This Is The Life

MRMark Ronson – Version

PWTPlain White T’s – Every Second Counts

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July 2022
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