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On reflection, I think I’ve always been able to do this. I mean, there’s minimal evidence from before I was 18, but I’m going to presume it’s an innate talent. I’m talking of my ability to spell and punctuate superbly when drunk. Oftentimes while drunk, one gets the urge to e-mail or text people, and even contribute to internet bulletin boards. Any while my contributions to these media while inebriated are rarely cogent, words are spelled correctly and punctuation is appropriate and accurate. Some can sing, some can dance, I can spell and write full sentences while under the influence.

Anyway, I suppose my point is that it’s friday morning, I’m at work and I’m still a bit drunk. But at least I’m going snowboarding tomorrow.

Male Stupidity n. [meyl styoo-pid-i-tee]

Making blog posts at inappropriate times of the day without thought or consideration of how garbled and ridiculous your comments are and especially with no sensitivity to how it could affect people in real life.

One of the most abhorrent statements in the English language is ‘the ends justifies the means’. It’s used by people to rationalise away their actions, without taking responsibility for them. I genuinely believe that if there were one thing that could be changed to ‘improve’ the state of the world it would be to educate people on the critical importance of personal responsibility. No exceptions, no excuses, everyone is responsible for their choices and must accept the consequences of them.

What Has Gone Before

May 2022
i miss your disposition and your strength to see the best in everyone