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Loz Text: I’m having drinks with Dave. And Belinda Carlisle is on.

Rapid GF phonecall: Who’s this Belinda Carlisle and why are you having drinks with her?

Metro is a free paper distributed at stations and tube stops throughout London each morning. It’s a priceless and invaluable resource, worth every penny.

This morning, the differently-talented Aidan Radnedge reported on the continuing tale of the Societe Generale trader who lost £3.6bn for the company through fraud (most likely to cover up his own incompetence). There are quotes and speculation about motive before some classic tabloid investigation into the guy’s background – talking to a union official (what on earth has a union got to do with trading?) and his old lecturers at Lyon University. And then, the true horror. The real reason behind it all. The insight is diamond-sharp, the research detailed and deep, laying this poor trader’s soul out for everyone, surely a Pulitzer is now inevitable:

“Kerviel’s Facebook page had 11 friends before the scandal broke – but this was down to four last night”

Aidan Radnedge, shut the fuck up.

Updated: The Daily Mash has an excellent take on the story.

The Rt Hon. Don Foster MP – Don’t start on the stadium, we’ve still got problems with the grass
Pease – Tell me about it. Luckily I’m stocked to my tits with coke.
The Rt Hon. Don Foster MP – [exit stage right pdq]

What Has Gone Before

May 2022
i miss your disposition and your strength to see the best in everyone