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I didn’t update last weekend, mostly due to the pressing nature of being lazy, so here’s a bumper update of the last fortnight.

Me Dec Alex Pease Dave
Ireland vs Wales
Ireland by 7 Ireland by 9 Ireland by 15 Ireland by 7 Ireland by 8
Scotland vs England
England by 3 England by 10 England by 11 England by 6 England by 6
France vs Italy
France by 18 France by 18 France by 14 France by 18 France by 23
France vs England
France by 14 France by 10 France by 9 England by 12 France by 5
Ireland vs Scotland
Ireland by 14 Ireland by 15 Ireland by 15 Ireland by 9 Ireland by 15
Wales vs Italy
Wales by 14 Wales by 12 Wales by 12 Wales by 12 Wales by 12

For round four everyone played their joker on France apart from Alex (good call, Alex). For round 5, Dec and Dave picked Ireland, Alex and Ant picked France and I picked Wales. No one took a mulligan on round four so mulligans were automatically assigned for Dave and Ant on round 5 to save them most points leading to a final leaderboard of:

Position Score
1 +78 Me
2 7 Dave
3 -9 Ant
4 -34 Alex
5 -58 Dec

So, another glorious victory for me. All-in-all I think the jokers badly messed the table aorund this time, the points swings on them were huge, we’ll need to tweak those rules before next time…

Some statistical analysis to follow. Possibly.

Another way of seeing performance so far – the difference of each person’s score compared to the average score on each match.


Google Charts API is pretty sweet, I’ve been messing around with it. In just half an hour of learning you can produce quite nice charts, such as below:

Tracker Progress

M shows where Mulligans were taken, J shows successful Jokers…

For the first time we’ve had the joker come into useful play and it’s made a significant difference to the scores. That plus a cunning punt on Italy over Scotland has led to the following table…

Position Score
1 +40 Me*
2 -1 Alex*
3 -21 Ant
4 -29 Dave
5 -63 Dec*

* Mulligan used

What Has Gone Before

March 2010
i miss your disposition and your strength to see the best in everyone