A new round with enhanced rules!

Each person puts £10 in.
Winner takes all.

For each game pick a winner and by how many points.

+5 for the right winner
+10 for the exact right points difference
-1 for each points difference out

e.g. England vs Italy guess England win by 10 points.

If England win 23-13 – +15
If England win 23-12 – +4
If England win 23-15 – +4
If England lose 23-13 – -20

Bonus rules:

1 Mulligan: Once throughout the game you can select a result to ignore. This must be nominated within 2 days of the result and cannot be transferred. E.g. if you selected England to beat Italy by 10 pts and England lost 23-13 you’d normally lose 20 pts. If you select this as your Mulligan, you score zero points.
Weekly Jester: Pick the team you think will get the most points that week. If you’re correct, you get the points that team got.

For example, you pick Ireland

Ireland – France – 30-15
England – Wales – 29-12
Italy – Scotland – 6-3

You would get 30 points. If you picked any other team you would get 0 points.

Winner is the one with the most overall points at the end.