I’d love to claim that my girlfriend (who is hot and awesome and, even better, real) forced me to see this film. Or that we traded and she agreed to see Wanted if I saw this. Or that I was drugged and/or drunk (preferably and).

Truth is… I wanted to see it. It’s ABBA songs. It’s Julie Walters. It’s Colin Firth and Piers Brosnan. It’s Meryl Streep. It’s Cybil’s friend. It’s some homeless Swede they picked up off the street who doesn’t actually sing at all.

And it’s awesome. It’s stupid, it’s silly, it’s preposterous, it’s forced, fabricated and frankly out of tune half the time. But still. Awesome. Funny and light and full of great songs. If you can’t enjoy this then you are a soulless monstrosity.

Dark Knight’s out soon. That’ll be great. Certainly artistically better than Mamma Mia. But I bet you won’t have as much fun.