I’m getting old. Or I’m turning into my Dad. Or possibly both. Anyway, I’ve found myself listening to a reasonable amount of folk music recently. It’s possibly just the latest rotation of my catholic approach to music, but, you know, there’s actually some pretty reasonable stuff out there. And it’s impinging on the mainstream – Kate Nash, Amy McDonald, Lily Allen – all singer songwriters with clear folk influences, or at least songs and albums very much in the tradition.

Anyway, Kate Rusby has been the recent apple of my ear:


Anyone expecting lyrics relevant and explanatory of 21st century life is… pretty dumb – it’s folk music, guys. But if you want a lovely voice with stripped-down accompaniment then it’s excellent. Whereas Eliza Carthy seems to strive against the fact she’s playing folk, Kate seems comfortable and happy to just excel with the material she has.

Maybe I’m just a sucker for a talented, musical female (or maybe Muse just haven’t released an album in a while) but whatever the genre, Kate Rusby has something about her.