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A few posts ago, I recommended a bunch of albums. One in particular deserves revisiting – Version by Mark Ronson


There’s some great covers on there (and a couple of rotten ones, Robbie). The two that have got the most airtime so far are ‘Valerie’ featuring Amy Winehouse (from The Zutons original) and ‘Oh My God’ with the diminutive Lily Allen (from the Kaiser Chiefs). However, the stand-out for me is the cover of ‘Just’ by Radiohead. In this case Mark Ronson has collaborated with Alex Greenwald – the lead singer of Phantom Planet and occasional actor (he was in that indiest of early 21st century films, Donnie Darko). Phantom Planet are best known for ‘California’ – used as a theme song for The O.C., another cult outing (albeit one that’s not quite so cool).

Radiohead fans tend to be pretty fervent and one-eyed (when they’re not killing themselves after listening to too much Radiohead of course) and as such you could easily expect an outcry for covering one of their classics (at least it wasn’t ‘Creep’ I guess). But they’d be missing a trick. Covers tend to go one of two ways, slowed down or sped up. This has a slight slow down, but not too much and the real greatness is the touch of bounce and funk that Ronson’s added.

Plus you don’t have to think about Thom Yorke’s malformed John Simm-alike face.

What Has Gone Before

January 2008
i miss your disposition and your strength to see the best in everyone