I sold out so long ago, I’m not sure I was ever really sold in. Nevertheless, my ‘youth’ (i.e. Uni life) as a ‘punk’ (i.e. geek with dyed hair) is somewhat at odds with my current joyous existence running IT teams for an Investment Bank.

It’s not that I pine for my lost innocence, I quite like no longer living month-to-month and, you know, having shit, but I do miss the friendships and mostly the gig-attendance. Fuck that, I miss actually knowing any new bands. Nowadays, my exposure to new music is limited to whatever Chris Moyles deems worthy to play and, whilst that could be worse (I could listen to Heart or Magic), it’s not exactly the scummy heart of novelty.

This blog is mostly inspired by having spent the last 10-15 minutes watching the Kerrang channel on Sky. And I’ve just realised that the last three tracks which have inspires such nostalgia are Feeder, Hole and Nickelback (Nickelback mostly inspired self-loathing). So maybe it’s not that I’ve sold out. There just seems to be so much less to sell into.