‘Agile’. It’s the way forward. Every CV you see makes a feature of a contractor’s experience of (or vague exposure to) XP/Scrum/RAD (delete as meaningful). The problem is that it’s so difficult to apply it in a genuinely useful way, especially in an Investment Banking environment. The short-term pressures, the jurassic steering groups, the pervasive conservatism render an Agile process into a morass of meetings and metrics. Tying it to such godforsaken ideas as CMMI denudes any usefulness from a seriously fragile concept.

The worst thing is that it’s not a bad idea. But it’s wasted on investment banks and it’s been screwed by the prostitutional actions of Thoughtworks who’ve lost their idealism and have sold out faster than a, well, prostitute with a smack habit and a boob tube in Alaska.