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Charlie Brooker has written a nice little piece in the Guardian about the rage that generally builds up when being confronted by smug Mac-owning gimps in their marketing-inspired realm of delusion. Macs have always annoyed me for the simple reason that they’re stubbornly proprietary (I realise Microsoft has the same problem, but as they own 90% of the market it doesn’t actually matter so much). Same reason I hate iPods (I just want to be able to plug and play them, and copy files like they’re just an external drive. Why would you not do that?).

I used to have an Apple back in the old, old days (the 80s) and it was always stubbornly different. It didn’t have a hard drive (everything was on floppy), you couldn’t do anything on it (other than word process badly) and then of course there’s the stupid bloody one-button mouse. I’m all in favour of Thinking Different ™. But Different isn’t always right and if you stubbornly refuse to accept something as a standard just because someone else (who you don’t like) came up with it, then you’re as close-minded as the people you claim to be Different to.

What Has Gone Before

February 2007
i miss your disposition and your strength to see the best in everyone