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The dilema of a drunkard:

With great alcohol comes maudlin vulnerability.

Three words. Three beautiful words. Three magic, sparkling, exhilerating, joyous words.

Heated. Toilet. Seats.


In the history of television, there have been some damn fine British shows of all sorts. When it comes to quality TV, we definitely punch above our weight (population wise) and the vast amount of stuff, especially from America is utter tripe. However, the population bell curve there (and probably the money, let’s be honest) mean that they do have some good stuff – the current cream being House (or better, Hizzy) and, utterly shockingly, the American version of The Office. The fact they manage to make a good homage to the original and still be their own show is pretty much unheard of to start with, but it might even be a better show.

I’ll probably be kicked out of the country for that.

So I’m heading to Tokyo this weekend. One can only hope that it’s better than dull, dull, dullsville Singapore, but to be honest I can’t really imagine that it would be worse. The thing about long business trips is that you get stuck into a repetetive work/hotel/work/hotel routine and are pretty reliant on the locals taking you out. Normally by the time I get back to the hotel it’s 9-10pm and I can be arsed to do anything other than eat/read/watch telly. The swimming pool’s usually shut by that time. I spent two fortnights in Singapore and was never in the hotel when the pool was open (except for an occasional 30 min overlap at breakfast).

Anyway, I’m staying here which looks… pretty much like any other hotel. Guess it’ll be off to wikipedia and possibly the bookshop.

And don’t even get me started on having to fly BA rather than a decent airline.

My last blog was ran on which, while significantly more featured than this one (in regards of e-mail to blog and deployment on my own site) somehow failed to include something as basic as categorisation. As much as I’d like to blame that for me not blogging, it’s trash really. Anyway, as a result of these numpties messing up my site, that blog’s currently down. So let’s give this one a shout. What are the chances of it lasting over 2 months?

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October 2006
i miss your disposition and your strength to see the best in everyone